Outlook Add-On Software – Add MOBILITY to Outlook

Millions of people in cubicles and offices all over the world use Microsoft Outlook for their email and day to day life management tasks (to-do, contact, address book). Having Outlook only on your computer is ok if you are only on your computer. But when you are remote you need it where you ARE.
Advantage International has a solution in its Did it Better software suite called Add2Exchange. Add2Exchange is a server-based, Outlook calendar, contact & task folder synchronization solution which synchronizes any combination of Outlook calendars – private (mailbox) and public (group), contact folders- private (mailbox) and public (group) and task folders- private (mailbox) and public (group). For mobility, Add2Exchange works with any PDA, Pocket PC (cradled/wireless) or Smartphone and Outlook Web Access.
The need for current and accurate corporate information is growing exponentially due to the aggressive expansion of the mobile market. Add2Exchange enables mobile professionals to increase out-of-office productivity by synchronizing public (group) Outlook appointments, contacts, and tasks to their respective private (mailboxes) folders, so they can be easily viewed on any PDA, Smartphone, BlackBerry handheld, or Pocket PC. Furthermore, with Add2Exchange, mobile users can synchronize outlook in their pockets from one device to the next. Now an entire team, or organization for that matter, can have identical calendars, contact folders and task folders on each of their handheld computers.
Add2Exchange doesn’t stop there. The software solution holds the capability to synchronize any combination of private and public Exchange server-side folders. With Add2Exchange, the possibilities are endless. In fact, benefits of utilizing Add2Exchange are noticed immediately by small/mid-size companies to large enterprises worldwide.
Employees can easily view other employees’ calendars, contacts or tasks by going to a public folder, eliminating messy delegation rights
Users do not have to make separate calendar appointments in multiple calendars
Organizations can prevent accidental or malicious deletion of valuable leads or client contact information by maintaining a public contact folder automatically populated with employees private contacts.
Managers can effectively track the progress of individual or group tasks
Users can share information between departments for easy project management
Project Managers can centralize tasks for job management and process control
Users can avoid labor intensive copying and pasting by automatically synchronizing private and public Outlook folders.
For a fully functional free trial version of Add2Exchange, visit www.diditbetter.com.