Archive of March 2006

Making Payment Processing Transactions Save Money

For those businesses that have many financial transactions to do, the fees associated with processing these transactions (credit card payments, payroll, check processing, etc) can be challenging for businesses with less than 250 employees. Cougar Mountain continues to innovate and eliminate set up fees and minimum monthly charges so its customers can save money on […]

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Putting the Tower PC To Rest

Many small businesses who are still working on their computers of 5, 7 or more years old have the famed mini-tower computers or horizontal, large sized desktop computers. “Back in the days” businesses ordered these computers to ensure they had room to add hard disks, drives and any other peripheral inside the computer. However, there’s […]

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What REALLY SMART Cell Phones Can Do

My simple, basic, boring LG-4400 cell phone is only good for talking. I can tether it to my notebook with a USB cable and use it to connect my notebook to the Internet, but that’s about it! Kom Komando offers some tips on how your REALLY smart cell phone can do more than you think. […]

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