Paper Eater – New Scanner from Fujitsu

Scanning documents is one of those business tasks that can be a pain to do, but the benefits are wonderful. Imagine being able to a) make more space on your desk and in your office overall by digitizing documents b) even better, what about finding paper via your computer and not sucking up dust and getting paper cuts manually looking for documents via a filing cabinet or desk drawers?
The only way to have a solution like this is to scan the documents. When scanning, there’s two things to consider – the scanner and the software for managing the scans.
There’s many scanners on the market and one of the newest solutions is by Fujitsu.
Small Business Computing writes Scott Francis, Fujitsu’s director of product marketing, points out several S500 features that he says makes scanning a simple, sensible option for small businesses. “The scanner has a dual-camera system with a camera situated in the front and in the back of the unit,’ he said. “That means you can scan a double-sided document in a single pass.” Fujitsu says the S500 is the only high-speed, double-sided scanner that sells for less than $500.
Designed to speed the scanning process, the S500 can accept a batch of documents and automatically discern differences in the individual pages. “The scanner analyzes each document in a batch and treats them differently,” said Francis. “For example, you can have any combination of color, black-and-white, double-sided, letter-size, legal size and upside down documents, and the S500 can detect the differences and adjust the scan settings and page orientation automatically.”
The scanner also lets you create 10 profiles that combine both target applications and scanner settings. Francis said this lets you scan to various applications at the appropriate settings by pressing one button. “You can set up the profiles to scan documents to the applications your use most, such as scan to e-mail, scan to hard drive, scan to Adobe √?— without having to configure the settings every time you scan.”