Putting the Tower PC To Rest

Many small businesses who are still working on their computers of 5, 7 or more years old have the famed mini-tower computers or horizontal, large sized desktop computers. “Back in the days” businesses ordered these computers to ensure they had room to add hard disks, drives and any other peripheral inside the computer. However, there’s a shift happening.
Now that more and more technology services are being pushed back to the local network and even more so to the Internet the need for large hulking computers is less. Users want larger & flatter screens and VERY high speed connections to the Internet.
With this mind, on your next PC purchase, if it’s not a notebook computer consider a VERY slim all in one unit, such as launched by Gateway. The Gateway Profile 6 integrates all the components of a traditional desktop, including a LCD monitor and stereo quality speakers in a single unit.
Gateway’s press release reads – From the removable back cover to the easily accessible power supply, the Gateway Profile 6 is highly serviceable and virtually tool-free, minimizing the need for lengthy support visits. Optical and floppy drives can be upgraded without using tools, removing the front bezel or replacing retaining screws. Further enhancements include single-handed hard drive replacement and tool-free access to full height PCI and PCI Express x 16 expansion slots. Even the LCD display can be replaced in minutes by a trained IT professional. Increased service flexibility is achieved by the use of many industry standard desktop components allowing IT departments to leverage a common spare parts pool.
If you want your office to not just look nice, but be technologically functional consider spending money on a faster Internet connection and hosted applications and slimming down on the size of your desktop computers.