Scanning As Easy as Using A Toaster: Kodak Simplifies Document Sharing

Scanning, can be a complicated thing to do. You press the scan button, then go through a series of button pressing, waiting and sighing only to find out that what you scanned didn’t come through or you never finish your scan as the prcoess is too complicated.
Kodak has a solution the – KODAK Scan Station 100. Using a color touch screen, the desktop Scan Station 100 enables users to convert paper documentsócolor, black-and-white and grayscaleóinto digital images for: Sharing via e-mail, Routing to network folders, Sending to networked printers or copiers, Saving on portable USB drives.
In addition, the portable USB drive allows users to personalize and enable one-touch operation from the touch screen. The touch screen also allows users to preview documents scanned prior to sending.
The Scan Station 100 does not require a dedicated computer, additional software or training to operate because it connects to existing network infrastructure and features intuitive and interactive operation from the touch screen. It can scan a wide variety of paper documents of up to 34 inches in lengthóas well as smaller and thicker items including plastic insurance cards or driver’s licenses. It can scan documents into JPEG, TIFF, PDF, or Searchable PDF file formats, using Kodak’s Perfect Page technologies to produce high-quality scanned images.
The Scan Station 100 has an expected list price under US$3,000 and is backed by KODAK Service & Support. The Scan Station 100 will be available through Kodak’s channel partners, serving business-to-business customers in the middle of May.