Small Business Podcasting Demystified

I can’t say that podcasting is for everyone, but if you want to learn how one of the best ways to learn is to read an article I read by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.
Podcasting is one of thoese technologies that is NOT a core small business marketing tool but one that CAN be an enhancement to your exisiting online marketing efforts and can help build relationships with clients.
Jantsch writes From a technical standpoint, there’s nothing really too complicated about podcasting so don’t think this is some geeky tech stuff. From a marketing standpoint, I didn’t get too excited about the concept until Apple decided to make a podcast directory a primary component of iTunes. When that happened the market for podcasting on any subject imaginable was born.
Podcasts are typically published with a blogging tool like Blogger, TypePad, or MovableType. If you already use one of these blog services, creating your podcast is as simple as linking to your audio files and using a service like FeedBurner to automatically convert it into a podcast friendly feed. (More on that in a minute)