Small Business Trends Radio: The Mobile Entrepreneur – Equipping Your Office for Maximum Mobility

Yesterday I had the honor of being a guest on Anita Campbell’s (the DIVA of small business) SMBTrendwire Radio Show.
Navigating the technology acronym soup of mobile technology can be daunting these days, not to mention expensive if you don’t make smart decisions around your technology and service choices. You will learn about mobile technology and how to simply safeguard your very important business information.
In plain language I explained:
* when to choose a Treo or a Blackberry or a PDA;
* the latest laptop offerings and how they help you stay connected seamlessly no matter where you travel in the country;
* how to sync laptops and cell phones to your desktop computer so that you have important data transfered to each;
* the differences between WWAN and WIFI and Bluetooth, and the security concerns for each ó and more.
* At the end, Ramon will leave you feeling more knowledgeable and empowered to use today’s technology effectively within your small business.