Thin is In for Gateway

I’m typing on a a 5lb Gateway, wide screen notebook that works VERY well. Nothing fancy (it’s the software that matters in any case – right?) – great keyboard, 3 USB ports, the basics. However, Gateway has not made a 3lb notebook in 2 years reports Cnet. Now they are back.
Cnet writes Gateway is returning to the ultraportable notebook market after a two-year absence, with a 12.1-inch notebook that weighs a little more than 3 pounds.
The company is expected to unveil the E-100M and NX100X on Thursday. The notebooks are almost identical, but the E-100M targets business customers, while the NX100X will be aimed at home users.
Ultraportable notebooks are defined as systems that weigh no more than 4 pounds and feature a 12-inch display, said Richard Shim, an analyst with IDC. This year IDC expects 8.7 percent of all notebooks to fall into this category, up from 7.9 percent last year. Gateway cited that modest increase in demand as one of the reasons it’s returning to this market.