TurboTax.com – Works Well and Saves Money

This year I started to use Intuit’s Turbo Tax online to prepare my taxes. I was impressed by the breadth of Turbo Tax questions to ensure it prepares my taxes correctly, but also to help me save as much money as possible.
You are prompted for personal information, federal information and state information. There’s a lot of questions to go through, depending on your answers. What’s nice about this hosted system is that you can save your work and come right back to where you left off. No software to install. And you can do it from anywhere you can get Internet access.
Of course as I was preparing my taxes all I could hope was that a hacker doesn’t break into TurboTax.com – what a treasure trove of information for a criminal mind.
If you have taxes to prepare and don’t want to pay the high fees of H&R Block, prefer to not buy software and don’t want to use a personal tax preparer – TurboTax.com is a great option. It’s easy to use and robust.