Verio Helps Multi-Web Site Owners

If you design web sites for others or build online applications you want to be able to treat each web site you use as it’s own web site. For example, maybe you want traffic reports for one web site but not mixed with the others.
With many web hosts you have to setup multiple accounts for each web site. As your list of web sites grow this can be a pain to manage. Web host Verio knows this and has a solution called the MultiSite hosting solution.
MultiSite provides the capability to split the resources of an account so that the account owner can manage multiple independent sites. This allows users the ability to perform individual stops and starts, view disk usage by site, and edit custom permissions – all with ease of managing just one account with Verio.
While some hosting providers offer the ability to point multiple domains to the same Web root, their servers view all of these sub-sites as part of the same site, which means users cannot do things like get independent traffic reports or turn off one site temporarily without also disabling all of their sites. Verio¬?s new MultiSite service can deliver dozens of unique sites, all managed under one account, with the ability to view statistics by site, set front page extension settings by site, and turn on or off individual sites within the same plan. Clients have the ability to add or remove independent sites on the fly without having to purchase a new hosting account each time, as well as turn off individual sites if needed based on use of account resources without having to physically remove these sites from the Web root.
Verio¬?s MultiSite for Windows hosting plans are available immediately with pricing starting at $12.95 per month. More information on MultiSite for Windows can be found at, and more information on Managed Server for Windows can be found at