Verizon Delivers FASTER Speeds to Multiple Dwelling Units

DSL and Cable are great, and there’s two things that technology will always bring – LOWER prices and FASTER speeds. With this in mind, Verizon continues to push it’s newest high speed service, FiOS, which brings fiber lines (not old copper lines) directly to homes, businesses and apartments.
Verizon’s press release reads People who live in apartments, condos and coops are the next wave of customers who could enjoy the benefits of Verizon’s fiber-optic, all-the-way-to-the-customer technology. Verizon will aggressively pursue agreements to bring FiOS Internet and FiOS TV services this year to these customers, nationwide.
Verizon Enhanced Communities is launching a major marketing campaign, sending business development executives and engineers to meet with multi- dwelling-unit (MDU) owners and condominium/co-op associations to negotiate marketing and access agreements and technology upgrades.
Verizon has various technologies available to provide services in multi- dwelling buildings and complexes, depending on what facilities are in place or can be installed. Verizon signed right-of-way agreements covering more than 57,000 units in just six months last year.