What REALLY SMART Cell Phones Can Do

My simple, basic, boring LG-4400 cell phone is only good for talking. I can tether it to my notebook with a USB cable and use it to connect my notebook to the Internet, but that’s about it! Kom Komando offers some tips on how your REALLY smart cell phone can do more than you think.
I KNOW that in general I need a laptop with me over a smart phone or other tool as I need a full size keyboard and screen for the extensive typing I do.
However, for many of you, a powerful smart phone might be all you need on the road.
Kom Komando writes So if you’re in the market for a new cellphone, consider how you might use a smart phone, such as the ubiquitous BlackBerry made by RIM. It may be a better and more productive choice for you than a trendy Motorola Razr.
For example, say you’re traveling on business. You need to e-mail a sales proposal that’s saved on your laptop. Unfortunately, you are nowhere near a Wi-Fi hotspot or a telephone line. Don’t stress.
Since your smart phone is capable of sending and receiving data, it may also be able to double as your laptop’s modem, using either Bluetooth or a USB cable. This process is called tethering.
Tethering can take several steps to set up. And your wireless provider may charge extra for it. But it could mean making an important connection, one your business competitors lack.