Why You Should Not Use a Wireless Network and other things your mother never told you

Of course a wireless network is about as a “must” for your business as electricity. HOWEVER you’ve really got to be careful when putting up a wireless network. There are benefits, but if a hacker gets your data, the benefits could be out weighed by your data being lost or customer records being stolen.
If you want a reality check to the dangers of a wireless network, allbusiness.com has a VERY good article on this here and writes Keeping data secure and safe from unauthorized access is the raison d”tre for an entire security industry. That said, however, the risks increase in the wireless world. Default passwords, lack of security, and many other reasons leave numerous wireless implementations sorely lacking and vulnerable to attack. On a positive note, a recent “Report on Technical Standards” released by a CyberSummit taskforce on security in the United States made some very promising recommendations for vendors to follow in their product life-cycle. There are over 20 recommendations including the following: