WiMax As A Backup Option

Broadband is a MUST for any respectable business to operate. When disaster strikes the world of telecommunications, after human loss, is one of the first things people notice, no longer works. The advantage of WiMax is that, according to Cnet, “WiMax is a radio-frequency technology that promises to deliver two-way Internet access at speeds of up to 75mbps. Its backers claim that WiMax can transmit data up to 30 miles between broadcast towers and can blanket areas of more than a mile in radius.”
I had been testing out a Verizon Wireless broadband card for about a month and it works VERY well. Allowing me near uninterrupted Internet access from NJ to NY (and beyond).
BellSouth is offering more traditional, wireless broadband to customers but selling WiMax as a backup plan. Cnet writes BellSouth decided to create the wireless backup service after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans and surrounding areas on the Gulf Coast hadn’t been part of the original deployment plan for the wireless broadband service, but when Hurricane Katrina struck and left thousands of BellSouth customers without their regular broadband and phone service due to flooded central offices and access lines, the company deployed the wireless service to get residents and businesses back online more quickly.