Wireless Time Cards – More Time For Employees More Productivity For Your Business

Keeping track of the time employees work on projects is 100% important if you want to ensure that you don’t lose money on projects and are able to fairly compensate your employees for work they’ve done. One challenge for companies with staff who are not based in an office is how they can input their time when away from the office.
Econz has a range of solutions to help busineses manage their mobile workforce.
Econz has two services: EService is a wireless job dispatch and work order management solution for field service companies. Timecard is the mobile timesheet software solution that enables companies that require employees to log time, attendance and job information, to do so remotely via their cellular phones.
Econz has a new solution, Time Card X which lets users benefit from a new mapping function and individualized task assignments to better manage the activities of mobile workers using cellular phones. Timecard X is available as downloadable software priced at $9.49 per field worker per month and conveniently billed to the user’s monthly wireless plan.
The mapping feature in Timecard X also allows project managers to assign different addresses to each task item. Individual users log time spent on tasks at unique addresses for precise mobile time tracking details.
A service like this is one of the many tools small businesses can leverage that help them do MORE with less. Imagine the competitive differences between a company who can enable wireless project management and the company who can’t. One company can see in an instant what proejcts are done, to do, and active. They can see which regions of the city or their entire geogrphic service area, as related to customers are best being served and so many other things.
Technology is only a tool, but it is a POWERFUL tool that if used correctly – can EMPOWER a business like never before!