Wireless USB Devices – Way Cool – No Wires

USB devices are great, but you’ve got to have your PC looking like a messy Christmas tree with all the wires dangling around. With wireless USB an external hard drive and other devices are wirelessly connected to your PC. Expect to see wireless USB devices coming out in September.
Cnet reports USB has caught on widely as a way to connect cameras, scanners, mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), DVD burners and innumerable other devices to PCs. The Wireless Association Specification governs how the PC end of the wireless USB connection will be able to connect to as many as 127 devices, Ravencraft said.
There likely will be a learning curve in the arrival of wireless USB. The specification requires one of two ways to set up the association between a device and the PC so the connection can be used. In one, the two are connected by a cable initially and set up their association for future wireless links. In the other, the device will show a number that the user then has to type into the PC.