2.2-pound Q2010 – Fujitsu Notebook

As one who uses a notebook pretty much all the time, a very light weight notebook, that’s functional is important. Right now I’m using a mid-range Gateway notebook. It’s about 5 points, nothing fancy – but a very solid and fast work horse.
I’m not one of those crackBlackberry users as I need a full size keyboard and screen.
I’ve used notebooks that are 2 – 3lbs and while these beauty’s are small and keep your back from hurting too much sometimes it’s a pain to type on them for any reasonable length of time.
ZD Net writes about Fujitsu’s newest notebook The ultraportable notebook is less than one inch thick and uses Intel’s new Core Solo processor. It’s designed as an executive companion for world-weary travelers tired of lugging larger notebooks through airport security, said Paul Moore, director of mobile product marketing at Fujitsu.
If you need something VERY night, a sub 3lb notebook is a great option, but you’ll pay closer to $2,000 for it fully loaded. If you can do with a bit more weight and less features you can get a good notebook for closer to $1,500.