750MB Hard Disk – Plenty of Storage for Just About Anything

I thought my 70GB hard drive was REALLY BIG (on my Gateway notebook computer) but when I read that Seagate has a new hard disk that is 750GB I realized that I really had nothing. Having a large hard disk on your computer gives you the flexibility to store video and pictures on your hard disk with little worry about running out of space anytime soon.
Seagate has launched the world’s first desktop hard drive to hit the 750GB capacity mark. The monster drive is part of the new Barracuda 7200.10 family built on perpendicular recording technology to meet the growing storage capacity, performance and reliability requirements of desktop computers and low-end servers.
Seagate is the first hard drive maker to bring perpendicular recording to desktop hard drives, was the first to deliver NCQ technology and has innovated a number of other capabilities that have set industry standards in desktop drive acoustics and shock tolerance. With Barracuda 7200.10, Seagate offers even more technological advances, delivering these unique, leading-edge capabilities:
Adaptive Fly Height – Maximizes the consistency of read/write performance across the entire disc by adjusting the fly height (distance between the disc head and platter) according to changes in environmental operating conditions.
Clean Sweep – Helps maintain media integrity and drive reliability by passing the drive head over the entire platter during power-on to smooth out any irregularities in the disc surface.
Remember you must still backup your data – no matter how large your hard disk – maybe ESPECIALLY since you have a large hard disk. The more data you have on one disk the more risk you have a losing more data.
An accessory that’s good to have is an external hard disk. I have an external, USB based hard disk from Western Digital, which works very well.
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