Beyond RSS feeds, blogging and web sites:
Web 2.0 and what it means to you

There’s a growing number of “Web 2.0” services that are all about two way, user powered, interaction. While web sites, RSS feeds and blogs – “relics” if you will of web 1.0 and web 2.0 were all about pushing information to an audience, web 2.0 applications are all about two-way interactivity.
For example is not simply a video hosting service but ANYONE who has a video can upload content to the web site for anyone else to see.
Digg let’s users post news stories to the site and those stories that receive the most votes get pushed to the top, while less important ones go down or are never shown.
Another service, let’s you make publicly available tagged bookmarks for others to see and use. Maybe you are interested in Asian cooking, if you type this in’ web site you can see what web sites other people have tagged and like…making your search more relevant.
Google is a VERY nice search engine, but nothing beats seeing what other humans have pre-selected as useful.
You might ask, so how does this apply to your business?
Well – at this time, these, and other services are mainly used by nerds, geeks, bleeding edge technologists. However, as more and more people use them directly OR as they get seamlessly integrated into main stream web applications and news sources even MORE people will use them.
As the explosion grows and the evolution increases if your content is ready to take advantage of these technologies you’ll be ahead of the curve and ready to get more visibility and make connections with this advanced audience.
Cnet writes Ultimately, all these voting and bookmarking tools help publishers, by providing information on which stories are popular and which are not. When publishers, bloggers, or site managers see massive traffic coming to a story from Digg, they know they’ve hit on the right formula, and chances are they’ll be thinking about ways to do more stories like that one. It’s a virtuous circle. So when you read a story you like and you see an option to vote on it by submitting your vote to a bookmarking service, go ahead and do it. You’ll be doing good work for the publisher, and in return, you’ll be improving the sites you like the most.