Buy Lenovo @ Best Buy

There’s dozens of marketing deals that happen all the time and many I don’t cover. However, I think it’s more than just passing interest that Lenovo (remember formerly IBM and now the owner of the ThinkPad line of products and Lenovo brand) and Best Buy are working together.
Lenovo has a HUGE push to the small business market. Best Buy, especially via their Geek Squad team is also courting small businesses.
The many small businesses that walk into Best Buy stores want technology help (they have that via Geek Squad) and products (now they have more offerings from Lenovo)
In addition Lenovo now has an addition retailing distribution outlet for its products.
“With a new product line designed specifically for small business customers, working with Best Buy for Business will help us reach an increasing number of users who are turning to in-store experts for their small business IT needs,” said Scott Smith, president, Lenovo Americas. “In addition to creating more opportunities to purchase Lenovo notebooks and desktops, small business customers will gain personalized and knowledgeable service that will help them choose the right PCs at the right price.”
IDC reports that by 2007, U.S. PC shipments to small businesses (1-99 employees) are expected to grow by two million units (1). Through Best Buy for Business, customers can select from Lenovo’s Think-branded portfolio as well as the Lenovo-branded PCs just introduced worldwide. The Lenovo 3000 product line, featuring several new desktop and notebook models, offers a unique suite of easy-to-use Lenovo Care productivity tools that help make owning and operating a PC a worry-free experience for small businesses. Lenovo 3000 models offered through Best Buy include the J100 and J105 desktops and the C100 and N100 notebooks.
In addition, the entire ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop product lines will be available through Best Buy for Business, including offerings that are tailored to the needs of very small, small and medium business customers.