Cabinet NG Unveils CNG-BATCH at Annual User Conference

Cabinet NG announced CNG-BATCH, the latest software enhancement to its CNG-SAFE document management solution. CNG-BATCH enables users of CNG-SAFE to perform one-step automated bulk scanning of documents when scanning documents individually is impractical, or a high-end third party solution is uneconomical.
Cabinet NG’s press release reads – CNG-BATCH enables users to scan several documents at once and then file them manually or automatically. Manual filing is achieved by the user reviewing each document on their computer monitor and selecting where the document is to be filed in CNG-SAFE. Automatic filing is accomplished using CNG-BATCH’s ability to read document barcodes. Scanned barcode data is used to correctly separate and identify documents and then automatically file the documents into CNG-SAFE.
CNG-BATCH also improves filing efficiency by decoupling the mechanical scanning process from the filing process. This allows different employees with different skill sets to independently complete scanning and filing.
As part of keeping the scanning and filing process running smoothly, CNG-Batch will automatically create a new folder and correctly file the document whenever the necessary folder does not exist in CNG-SAFE. CNG-Batch can be effectively used by any size organization, but is ideally optimized for scanning requirements in the daily 50-500 per station range.
“CNG-BATCH addresses the volume-scanning challenges that continuously confront mid-size practices. The ability to separate and store documents from a single scanning station, in one simple step, dramatically helps increase efficiency. CNG-Batch is a solid value; it lets us improve our bulk scanning efficiency at a great price point,” said Cathy Zimmer, Practice Administrator, Choice Care Physicians.
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