Cellular Voice calls get cheap – but features get $

I remember my first cell phone – a plastic, grey, Motorolla with a huge LED dsiplay. Now I have a much thinner phone made by LG. Thanks to Internet technologies and the simple evolution of technology overall voice calls are going to keep going down, down and down. To compensate for this, expect to be offered a LOT more features for your phone but that will cost $1 or more per month to use.
At the annual CTIA Wireless 2006, Fortune reports that Based on interviews with a dozen or so companies on the eve of the show, consumers are going to be nickeled and dimed for all sorts of add-on services — some for fun, some for business — while plain old voice services get cheaper. Analysts say the number of new mobile phone subscribers is declining here in North America, so the best way for carriers to make money is to offer data and multimedia services.
There’s an interesting video clip of the wireless world of the future on the CTIA web site as well.