Cost Per Click Advertising is Good – But Be Careful of Click Fraud

Later on today I’ll share with you an interview with Emily White, Director of Google’s Ad Sales Program, the biggest “cost per click” advertising programs on the Internet. Cost per click advertising is a very good advertising tool for smaller businesses but click fraud is a big issue.
You pay per click for your advertisement but when your competition (to make you pay for useless traffic) or others click on the advertisement who are NOT interested in your advertisement as a prospective customer but for a malicious intent – that’s click fraud.
Cnet writes that “Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Some experts say the solution is to have an independent auditor that would use data from the search engines and advertisers to determine in a neutral environment whether clicks are fraudulent.”
Cnet writes There is no way to tell for certain how big the problem is, because search engines refuse to provide any statistics or data. They simply say that they have systems to detect the majority of fraudulent clicks and that they credit or reimburse advertisers who are charged for bad clicks that somehow slip through the filtering software cracks.
The perception among advertisers, however, is that it’s a growing problem. A study released in February by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization found that the number of online advertisers and search engine marketing companies that believe click fraud is a serious issue has tripled in the past year to 16 percent.
Despite those figures, click fraud is not deterring spending on search marketing, which JupiterResearch predicts will rise from $4.2 billion in 2005 to $7.5 billion in 2010.

If you want to implement a cost per click advertising solution start small and test the waters, once you think it’s for you and do it more, then make sure you work with a professional for the best results.