Do You Send a Lot of Marketing Email? Make Sure Your Server is Authenticated

If sending a lot of outbound marketing email is VERY important to your business it is VERY important that you ensure your email server is authenticated and not “black listed” by Internet service providers who tag your email server as being a generator of spam.
To combat spam, technology companies are offering various authentication schemes to virtually tag email servers as being who they say they are and not generating spam. One company with a solution is Microsoft with its Send ID program.
Sender ID works by verifying the domain name from which e-mail is sent by checking the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the server that sent the message against a published list of legitimate IP addresses for the domain the message claims to be from.
Often time, email servers that spammers use hide who they are so that it is more difficult to block spam that they send and to hide the identify of the sender.
Microsoft’s press release reads – “Companies of all sizes are realizing the significant business value of e-mail authentication and reputation services to improve e-mail deliverability and help protect their brand identities,” said Craig Spiezle, director of the Technology Care and Safety Group at Microsoft. “In particular, businesses are adopting Sender ID because it requires few if any changes to most e-mail systems, and typically there are no hard costs or additional software required to implement it, making it simple and cost-effective.”
Since January 2006, MSN Hotmail has seen a significant increase of Sender ID-compliant mail, from 20 percent to nearly 32 percent. And more than a dozen third-party solutions are shipping that support Sender ID to help continue to accelerate the adoption among businesses worldwide, including Alt-N Technologies, Barracuda Networks, CipherTrust Inc., Cloudmark, ICONIX Inc., IronPort Systems Inc., MailFrontier, Microsoft, Port25 Solutions Inc., Sendmail Inc., OmniTI Computer Consulting Inc., StrongMail Systems Inc., Symantec Corp. and Tumbleweed Communications Corp.
In addition to Sender ID, Microsoft today unveiled the new MSN Postmaster Services, designed to help provide vital information, best practices and tools for legitimate ISPs to help better manage their e-mail infrastructure. Evolving from an early beta that launched last year, MSN Postmaster Services allows e-mail senders to learn about Microsoft’s e-mail filtering and protection technologies and best practices for helping ensure that legitimate e-mail can reach MSN Hotmail customers. It also helps e-mail providers looking to improve their e-mail deliverability rates to better troubleshoot their outbound e-mail issues by providing information about e-mail traffic coming to MSN Hotmail and Windows Live(TM) Mail Beta from their systems, such as customer complaint reports and more. The service also offers a redesigned user interface, allowing easier navigation and data customization to meet the diverse needs of companies large and small.
MSN Postmaster Services are free and are currently available in English only. They will be made available in several more languages in the near future. More information is available at More information on Sender ID and Microsoft’s commitment to online safety can be found at