FireFox or Internet Explorer- Which One Do You Use

Microsoft Internet Explorer’s browser still holds about 90% of the market and it’s expected to as all Windows based computers come with IE pre-installed on them. FireFox is at about 10%, according to measurement firm Net Applications as reported by AP.

I use Firefox for my main browser as I really like it’s tabbed browsing features and overall user interface. IE – I use only if I have to as many banks and other applications require IE.
What browser you use really doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with it. I must say though, if you do a LOT of web site surfing as I do (right now I have 7 web sites open) you’ll find the Firefox is so much asier to use.
The AP writes In the past year, Firefox has gained 3.34 percent share while introducing version 1.5 of the browser with improved features. Internet Explorer has lost 3.89 percent, as users wait for IE7, which boasts improved features and security and is due out this fall.