Getting Buzz For Your Product Online Line

When you are creating a new business how in the world do you get people to know about it? Even if you have a business how can you let MORE people know about it. Buying advertising on line is one way – cost per click advertising, advertising in email newsletters and etc. Other ways of advertising can be done with no money. For example, maybe you can participate in an online discussion group and make sure you GIVE lots of information to the group and become a resource.
Business Week has a good article about building good web buzz and writes An important early step: Give users a reason to hang around. Make at least some of your tools and features free, says Lynn Stott, director of TechSoup, a Web site that offers tech tips and advice for nonprofit groups. “Too often, small businesses really wanted to keep everything close to the chest, and charge for everything — but you’ve got to prime the pump a little bit,” says Stott.
Sometimes publicity is a stroke of luck and it takes a good media break to give you the publicity boost you need. Other times enough people love your product, tell others about it and a viral word of mouse campaign starts – like
Getting buzz online is not easy, but it does take HARD WORK.
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