IBM – Helping You Keep Track of Your Technology Investments

Those of you who have 25, 50 or so computers including several staff on the road MUST keep an inventory of your hardware and software. Not knowing what computers you have and don’t have and what software you have or don’t have means that you’ll spend more money than you have to on IT and the money you spend will not be spent efficiently.
To help with this IBM has new software. Below is some information from IBM’s press release but I hope to add more information this post in the next 12 hours. Managing technology is as important as BUYING and maintaining information technology.
IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator Express – helps to maintain accurate and secure identity data across all applications in an organization. The software takes identity data from a trusted source, such as a human resources application, and ensures that the data is correctly shared with other applications. Available in June.
IBM Express Desktop Management Services – a fully integrated, web-based suite of services designed to improve the security and uptime of the customer IT environment, while increasing the productivity of their IT staff. The service provides customers with visibility to IT assets and installed software across their organization, including remote users and distributed sites, enabling easy management of desktop and laptop assets. Prices start at $5 per seat per month and are sold in 10-seat packs (20 seat minimum). Available in the US and Canada beginning in May and the Netherlands and Germany beginning in June.
IBM Grid and Grow Express – a complete package, including hardware, software and services, that enables first-time customers to take advantage of grid technology. The offering consists of BladeCenter with seven blades along with a choice of server architectures, operating systems, schedulers and services that tie these technologies together. This package positions SMBs for future growth, as well as provides the technology to address business challenges associated with mission critical, compute-intensive applications. Available at $1,369 per month for a 36 month term. Available in the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Turkey, and Luxembourg.
These new offerings build on the IBM Express Advantage initiative launched at IBM PartnerWorld in March 2006. IBM Express Advantage combines IBM’s Express offerings and financing with new IBM Business Partner resources and customer experience tools, providing SMB customers with comprehensive, end to end resources to help drive growth and innovation. For example, under IBM Financing Advantage customers gain easy access to capital, leases, loans and buyback services for the complete solution, including IBM Business Partner services. IBM Financing Advantage offers pricing, credit and ready-to-sign contracts in less than one hour, as well as a Web process that enables the generation of proposals and contracts online.
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