Intel’s New PC Platform – Keep Your Eye On It. It Could Save Your Money

Today Intel launched it’s new platform for business computers, Intel vPro. This new initiative is more than a simple microchip, but similar to Centrno is a new PC platform – a combination of hardware and software to make the next generation of computers safer and easier to operate.
¬?Like Intel Centrino mobile technology and Intel Viiv technology, Intel vPro technology will bring together world-class innovations throughout the processor, chipsets, networking and software,¬? said William A. Swope, Intel vice president and director of Digital Enterprise Brand Management. ¬?This technology significantly advances desktop PCs and will quite simply offer businesses security and manageability like never before ¬? all on one of the most powerful and energy-efficient PCs in the market.¬?
Further strengthening PC security, Intel VT allows for separate independent hardware-based environments inside a single PC so IT managers can create a dedicated, tamper-resistant service environment ¬? or partition ¬? where particular tasks or activities can run independently, invisible to and isolated from PC users.
Cnet writes VPro is designed for IT managers who are trying to squeeze costs out of their organizations, Otellini said. “Hardware costs used to be equal to four years of support costs. Now the support costs are twice the cost of the hardware,” he said.
Small businesses that can’t afford to maintain their own IT departments will be able to take advantage of remote services from outsourcing companies, said Gregory Bryant, general manager of the Digital Office platforms group. They can do this today, but the technology in VPro makes it much easier for both the service provider and the customer, he said. “This platform makes having IT services for small businesses practical for the first time.”

At this time, it’s not easy to see if this new initiative will be as powerful as Centrino was with launching increased use of wireless computer. If Intel and its partners can deliver on the promises made I think your next computer will be safer to use (more resistant to viruses, hackers, etc) and your solution provider or IT staff will be able to do more maintenance without having to physically come to the PC – saving time and money.
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