Is Battery Life Important to You? Read This…

If you are a true mobile warrior, hardly ever near an electric wall socket then battery life and I mean LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG battery life is very important to you. For the gadget you have now, there’s probably little you can do to about the battery life, but for your NEXT gadget you might have more options, depending on what you buy.
The New York Times reports that tech vendors are trying their best to get as much life as they can out of a battery to make it last long and longer and longer.
The NYT writes New machines come with smarter batteries and miserly circuitry that works longer. In some cases, the manufacturers are even making the gizmos a little bit bigger to accommodate a battery with more capacity.
The designers are working within the limits of several laws of physics. They all want their latest gadgets to offer bright screens, faster action, infinite range and long battery life while weighing next to nothing, but there’s no way to escape the fact that the flashiest features consume more power.
So some designers are cutting features while others are adding fatter batteries as they try to satisfy the demands of consumers. Of course, others are continuing to pile on features for customers who don’t mind frequent trips to the recharger.