Is It Worth It to Use RSS & Podcasting Since the Audiences are Relatively Small?

Podcasting and RSS feeds are growing in use, especially by early adopters to technology. However, where does the line get crossed between using technology just because you can do it and using technology because it makes business sense to do so?
I think, like any technology – using a computer or generating an RSS feed, you have to look at what is the return on investment your business will get from using a particular technology. As you consider this question, another question to consider is how easy is it to implement.
Implementing an RSS feed or podcast costs no money and only a little bit of time. It can’t hurt to TEST the waters and see how receptive your customers are? See if they find value in it.
Duct Tape Marketing writes When you spend too much time analyzing the numbers of a thing you miss so much. Blogs, RSS and podcasts have given small business marketers another way to communicate with markets. Maybe it’s not the biggest way, but it is another tool to communicate and connect.
What this means is that you can’t always decide to do something based on the numbers behind it. Because main stream users are not listening to podcasts or using RSS feeds does not mean that you cannot be a part of the movement to educate YOUR customers about it and help increase overall usage of these tools.
In an upcoming issue of the New York Enterprise Report I’ll cover the business case for generating RSS feeds.