LogMeIn’s Remote and Local Backup Options

LogMeIn, Gotomypc, PCNow and others all provide ways to access files on a remote computer. Today LogMeIn announces a new twist which enables users to backup files between any remote/local computers – the only limitation being the hard disk space of each computer. If you have a computer at work and want to back up files to a home computer, LogMeIn Backup lets you do this via the Internet.
“Remote backup is a critical component for mobile users who work across multiple devices and PCs in various locations,” said Stephen Drake, program director of IDC’s Mobile Software service. “Securing this growing amount of business and personal data is a top priority for the mobile user and the organizations they work for.”

Users install LogMeIn Backup on two or more computers, and designate groups of files and folders (“Backup Sets”) to be routinely and automatically sent to their machines on which Backup Sets are stored (“Storage PCs”). Backup Sets are stored in a proprietary format on the Storage PC and are easily restored later if disaster strikes, such as a hard drive failure or virus infection.
All Backup Sets are sent via 256-bit SSL, and optionally stored in a password-protected, encrypted state on the Storage PC, ensuring that only the user who stores the data can access it.
LogMeIn Backup beta is available at www.LogMeInBackup.com. General availability will be by April 30, 2006. All beta users will be automatically upgraded to the final version at which time a 30-day trial will begin. The basic backup network costs $6.95 per month and includes the software for two PCs. Additional PCs can be added to a network for $5.95 a month.