Microsoft Mappoint: 2006: More REVENUE with local customers.

For those businesses who need to know or should know where their customers are physically located, being able to see a map showing current customers and potential customers can be a revenue enhancing tool.
If you are a delivery company, bakery or some other company that relies on local customers you should know where your most profitable (and least profitable) customers are. With this information you can consider moving offices or adding an additional office. Maybe the map tells you that your office is actually in the wrong place. That in fact your main customers are located 2 hours from you! Microsoft has released new mapping software which can help.
Microsoft MapPoint 2006, released last week, according to Microsoft’s press release, can help customers improve decision-making capabilities and increase new business opportunities through the use of maps and geographical information, enabling better analysis, visualization and communication of business information. It also enhances its usefulness for mobile information workers by adding rich new Global Positioning System (GPS) integration and driver guidance capabilities so that users can make the most out of time spent away from the office.
Field workers, salespeople and frequent business travelers strive to maximize their time out of the office by streamlining their scheduling and by accessing maps, driving directions and point-of-interest information even when offline. New features delivered to the mobile worker include updated geographic data and a new GPS task pane that uses information from connected, compatible GPS devices to display current location, speed and traveling direction. Also, driving directions for Windows XP users determine location from a connected GPS device and combine it with route information to deliver voice and text direction information. Wi-Fi positioning is also available through a computer¬?s wireless network capabilities and the Microsoft Location Finder, which accesses a database of known Wi-Fi access points to determine a user¬?s location.
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