Mobile Device Printing and Conferencing

Premiere Global Services today launches two new mobile solutions for the road warrior: PrintAnywhere enables printing of e-mails and attachments from a mobile device, such as a BlackBerryTM, to any fax machine and ConferenceAnywhere allows mobile device users, including TreosTM, to host conference calls in one keystroke.
PrintAnywhere solves one of the biggest challenges mobile workers face: how to print e-mails and attachments while out of the office. PrintAnywhere enables users of mobile devices to print e-mails and more than 130 types of attachments to any fax machine anywhere in the world. Printing is as easy as selecting the attachment and entering the number of any fax machine. Whether working from a hotel, airport, client site or other location, mobile professionals can now easily read and print documents without opening the attachment anywhere they have access to a fax machine. More information is available at
ConferenceAnywhere solves the challenge of juggling wallet cards or multiple devices while trying to conduct conference calls on the go. ConferenceAnywhere enables users of mobile devices to initiate and control all aspects of a conference call including volume control, recording and adding participantsóall with the click of a button. Whether dialing in from a car or other location or needing to quickly schedule a conference call while on the go, mobile workers no longer need to remember or keep track of lengthy phone numbers and passcodes. More information is available at
PrintAnywhere is available via an easy, downloadable applet for $4.95 per month including 30 free pages, and a one-time $15 activation fee. ConferenceAnywhere is also $4.95 per month, including 50 free conferencing minutes. A combined PremiereAnywhere solution package is available for $6.95 per month.