The NY Times Site Redesign And What You can Learn From It

Earlier this week the NY Times redesigned it’s web site adding new features and tools for its readers. Well for us. You can read about the new changes here and as you read about it, consider your own web site. Is it time to have it refreshed. Are there new features or old features that could be better designed that could make the site better for your audience (be your audience customers, employees or partners).
The editor in chief of the writes Our goal when we set out to redesign The Times Web site more than a year ago was to make experiencing The New York Times online simpler and more useful. We hope you conclude that we have done that on the new pages appearing for the first time this month.
When you consider updating your web site, it’s important to get input from a wide spectrum of those who will be viewing your web site.
Like the New York Times, consider utilizing user generated content. Meaning content that might not only come from you, but that comes from your employees and/or partners.
If you make significant changes to your web site make sure your audience has a road map they can follow to know where to find things.
You’ll also need a good web designer to help. Eileen Parzek of SOHO IT Goes is wonderful.
Have a look at my 10 Web Site Musts – a valuable resource.