Old Computers – Get New Ones If You Can. But If You Can’t…

Not every business can afford to get a brand new computer every 3 years like many Fortune 1000 and 500 businesses do. Sometimes your budget forces you to keep a computer for 5 years or more. It’s best to really get a new one, but if you can’t you can upgrade your older computers to some degree.
You’ll find that as your computer gets old it gets slower (because you’ve probably been adding more software), it crashes more (it’s running out of memory) and is open to hacks due to security holes.
Business Weeks advises one reader and writes Given the price of PCs these days, you probably want to think about how much effort you want to put into a nearly 5-year-old PC instead of simply replacing it.
CLEAN SWEEP. A new PC will let you start clean with a system that is better able to protect itself. Just make sure to subscribe to the preloaded security service when the trial subscription expires.
If the security package doesn’t include antispyware software, you’ll want to add that. Microsoft offers a free product called Windows Defender at www.microsoft.com/downloads/. It’s pretty good, even though it’s officially still in testing.