Remotely Disable Access to Files

In October 2005 I covered Essential Security Software’s Taceo email security solution to control how files you email to someone are forwarded, printed or otherwise viewed. Taceo has an update to this software that lets you remotely lock access to your Taceo secured software.
If your laptop gets stolen it’s nice to know that sight unseen you can ensure your data is not accessible.
Using the login information chosen during registration, the user can access their Taceo account via the Essential Security Software website. By selecting Alias Manager the user is shown the computer that is associated with the email address designated for their Taceo Account. When Deactivate is clicked, this association is broken. Taceo regularly checks this connection for Active status to maintain accessibility to ECCs. When deactivation is detected, all access is denied to Taceo protected content. The user may then install Taceo on another computer and transfer their license while maintaining Deactivation on the lost or stolen laptop.
Essential Security Software has a nice suite of security software – check it out for a free trial here.
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