Saving Money on Software: Hosted or Open Source

Open Source software, unlike proprietary software, costs nothing (or very little) for the software itself. You usually end of paying for customization. Software as a service, delivered over the Internet, helps with cash flow as you pay a monthly fee (including all upgrades) instead of upfront for the software. Which one do you choose?
Some things you need to consider are cost, Speed of deployment, Customization, Reliability, Data ownership, Vendor viability according to
Like any project my advise would be to do things in stages and never do things all at once. Therefore you can quickly see and manage any problems can happen with the installation.
If you need a solution NOW and don’t want to wait for software installation consider a hosted application. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection and your “installation” is done.
If you want to make sure your data is with you, on your servers then installing software on your hardware is the only way to go.
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