Should you start using SMS for communication?

Short Message Service (SMS) from cell phone to cell phone is a powerful way of communicating for many friends and “young folk”. However it can be a VERY powerful communication for quickly reaching a group of customers or staff as well. It really depends on HOW you use it and what your audience wants.
Key findings in a recent study by SMS service provider Click A tell include:
— An overwhelming majority consider text messaging to be a key means to send alerts and notifications (83 percent).
— More than seven out of ten respondents said they have used text messaging for business purposes.
— Of these, more than a third said they used it primarily for customer service and support. Marketing and emergency management uses followed closely behind.
— More than a third of respondents (36 percent) said they would increase their usage from the previous year.
These findings are consistent with other industry data that shows rapidly growing text messaging, expected to be a $50 billion market by 2010, according to Portio Research. IDC reports that text messaging traffic will blaze the wireless messaging trail for the United States and will soar to 47 billion messages per year globally by 2008.