Those Days When Technology Brings Out the Worst

Computers, technology, electronics (for that matter humans) are all prone to mistakes. The BIGGEST problems can come from humans. If you are an IT person who manages computers for a company I’m sure you can deal with computers breaking down, but find it much harder to deal with the humans who don’t know enough to have IT solutions on their own, but do know enough to cause havoc with technology.
Sometimes a humans is not the problem, but technology is.
InfoWorld has compiled 11 IT scenarios and gives some “hind-sight” answers to make sure the problems don’t happen to you.
For example, in one case 75 new computers were ordered and by default Windows Update, was automatically updating all 75 computers during the weekday. IT was wondering why at a certain time was the network being drained. After a bit of digging they realized that Windows Update was download mega-byte patches (times 75) on a regular basis!
Here’s another example about disaster recovery that InfoWorld writes aboutGary Crispens reports an incident he encountered after questioning an IT director about the company’s preparedness for disaster recovery. The director responded huffily that the hot site was ready for any disaster, including the necessary space and equipment all backed by a diesel-powered generator with ‘?plenty of fuel.’
After about a year, the company had a hurricane-related power outage that forced it to roll over to the hot site. Sure enough, the IT Director had critical functions up and running and I could hear that generator running out back. But after about eight hours the power went out for good and all systems crashed when the generator stopped.
It turned out that ‘plenty of fuel’? was one 55 gallon barrel that was already half empty from the monthly testing.