Watch360 – Get online updates PUSHED to you. If you need it.

I’ve been trying out an alert service, Watch360, for the past 2 weeks. This service pushes custom alerts to you such as RSS feeds and web site updates. You select, in Watch360, companies you want to get information about. When new information is available Watch360 updates you.
I know that Google and Yahoo both offer customized alerts. In addition to getting RSS feeds, I wonder what additional value Watch360 provides.

Watch360’s web site reads that it
– Monitors company web sites for changes and updates
– Creates a daily Alert Digest that you can review in minutes
– Tells you what your competition is doing at all times
– Brings you competitive insights you can’t get any other way
– Enables you to stay ahead.
For each company web site Watch360’s service will notifiy you of the the following online content changes:
-Home Page
-Press Releases
-News and Events
-Media Coverage
-Seminars and Trade Shows
-White papers
-Management Team
The cost is $500 per year.