When Your PC is Toast..What Do You Do?

If you get a REAL BAD virus attack sometimes the only thing you can do is completely clean (format!) the hard disk and start over. This process is MORE than a pain – it’s completely painful and scary. When you get into a situation like this it is so important that you can quickly recover and restore your files onto another computer.
One solution from LapLink is PCdefense. “Realistically, no matter how much you or your business invests in PC security, you’re never 100% secure,” explained Jack Wilson, Laplink CTO. “With PCdefense, we wanted to create a security product with a stronger approach to identifying and disabling malware, but we recognized that there must also be a fail-safe option in case the worst-case scenario becomes reality. If something nasty does get past all your defenses, then you need a product that can let you recover quickly, easily, and reliably. That’s where PCdefense has the edge over other solutions.”
PCdefense Disaster Recovery is also ideal for laptop users who need to restore their computer resources in cases of physical damage or theft. Within hours they can restore their programs, files and settings onto a new PC even it uses a newer operating system.
PCdefense is available at retail outlets such as CompUSA, Fry’s, Microcenter, Amazon, Buy.com and other authorized Laplink retailers. PCdefense can also be purchased directly from Laplink, and free trial is currently available on the site.