Will You Start Using a Mac Now? I Might?

Cnet’s Charles Cooper, executive editor of commentary at CNET News.com wrote an VERY insightful piece about Apple’s new software, Bootcamp, to enable Macintosh computers to run Windows or Apple operating systems at bootup. Most people will agree that Microsoft software is not a “feel good” software one uses because they like to use it or think it’s cool. The menus, error messages and other things are not intuitive.
Apple computers, on the other hand, I’ve heard, are very easy to use, simple and even fun in some ways.
Charle’s writes that Apple’s Bootcamp software was NOT created because Apple wants people to buy Apple but run Windows but Apple’s hope is that people at least play with Macintosh for a bit and start to like it and use it.
He writes The company won’t put it so bluntly, but it has zero interest in getting people to use Windows on a Mac. (No accident that Apple’s not going to support Windows on the Mac.) They want the voyeurs to take a peek at Mac OS and be seduced by all its charms.