Windows Vista: Kim Komando Speaks Out

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows Vista, will be out in January of next year. I’ve written about it a bit before, and from time to time will point you to sources of information on it.
You need to now consider if Windows Vista is for you and if it will add any additional efficiency or usefulness to your business operations. Windows XP and a very powerful computer will do fine for most. But I think those who are already going to get a new computer need to consider when they should get it, in light of Windows Vista’s launch.
Kim writes Before you know it, January 2007 will be here. That’s when Microsoft says its new operating system, Windows Vista, will be released to consumers. (It is expected to be ready for businesses this November). If you’re thinking of buying a new computer before then, you will want to consider what you’ll need to upgrade, if that’s your plan.
Microsoft promises Vista will be much more secure than Windows XP and will give you a three-dimensional view.

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