Wireless Networking Tip Sheet

I’m sure by now you have either installed or are about to install a wireless network in your home or corporate office. When doing so, you MUST be careful about security and ensure your network has a firewall, anti-virus software and other hardware/software security solutions. But once you get things working what do you do when things go wrong?
A wireless network is a bit more complicated than a wired network, mainly due to the fact that it’s wireless – so diagnosing it takes a different approach.
Some things to consider are:
– Moving the access point
– Making sure the access point has power
– Moving the antenna
– Check for obstacles
– Use another antenna
Sometimes, what’s causing you trouble is something simple ¬? and which you can fix simply. Check the obvious first.
For instance, if someone told you, “Hey, the AP just stopped working,” you should say, “Is it plugged in?” The moral: Think of the obvious and check that first.
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