Xpaper – If You Love Paper You’ll Love Xpaper

I got an email earlier today from Talario, a South Dakota company telling me about a technology they distribute – Xpaper. Using special paper you print a document on special Xpaper. The Talario system stores a digital image of what you’ve printed on Xpaper.
Then using a special pen you write on the Xpaper as you normally would – it could be a form or whatever. Once you dock the pen to your computer what you wrote is saved to the image of the paper on your computer. I think this is the perfect blend of paper, pen and computing.
Xpaper is smart paper that lets you instantly get digital copies of documents – seconds after you write on them!
Each sheet of Xpaper is pre-printed with a unique microscopic pattern of dots which enables handwriting to be recorded and transferred to your computer with a digital pen.
To use it, you simply load your printer with Xpaper, print your documents or forms with existing applications, and write with a digital pen. Dock the pen in its cradle when you’re finished, and you’ll be presented with a crystal clear PDF copy of the document.
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