Yahoo’s Updated Email Service – What About YOUR Email?

Yahoo! has rolled out an updated email service, but unfortunately it’s only available to those who use the Yahoo/AT&T Broadband service. I’m quite sure Yahoo has strategic reasons for doing this but I think they should roll the service out to EVERYONE.
I use Google’s Gmail for email but forward email to Google’s Gmail is very good, but I wish it allowed folders instead of labels. I love it’s search function – fast and complete. Just like
News Factor writes about Yahoo’s new email service Among other features, the service offers users drag-and-drop e-mail organization and an integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader that provides easy access to breaking news, blog entries, and other feeds directly through the e-mail interface.
So which one is best, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail? I’ve used Yahoo email a bit, but overall have used traditional email program such as Eudora and Outlook to download my email. When I’m using a web based email service I use Gmail.
Google’s Gmail is by invitation only. If you want an invitation – email me.
If all you have is a “free” email service – TODAY – get a professional domain name based email for your business.
You can use Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail as “the behind the scenes email processing” for your professional email. For example, all email I get comes to my Gmail email address – this is an option by my webhost. When I send email, it’s “from” Very easy, simple and functional.
Another option my web host (and other web hosts do to) provides is email boxes. For those who have no other email account or who don’t want to use another email account, your web host can provide you with a number of email accounts for sales, accounting, etc or joe, jim and bob!
Hypermart is my web host – I’ve been with them for years.
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