Yellow Machine For Your Data

Cnet/NY Times writes about a network storage device that stores 1,000 gigabytes. It’s $999 and lets you access your data from any computer on your network.
Anthology Solutions, makers of the Yellow Machine, writes about their device – The Yellow Machine FailSafe network storage appliance provides your small business or digital home with a full suite of storage, security and networking features once found only in big company data centers. Designed and tested for the needs of small businesses and home users, the appliance is easy to set up and operates in all common network environments, including support for dynamic IP Internet addresses.
Features include terabyte class FailSafe Storage with RAID plus disk scrubbing technology, essential components for preserving your precious digital content; automated backup with EMC Retrospect Professional software; and a built-in firewall / VPN router for secure remote access to your files, applications and network.
The Yellow Machine provides easy and secure remote access to your data – anytime, anywhere. The integrated firewall / VPN router connects the office, the home, and the road warrior. Wherever you are, get secure access to your files on a remote Yellow Machine, access your remote network, or use WindowsÆ Remote Desktop Control (RDC) to run remote applications.
Simply “Set-it and Forget-It” using the Yellow Machine’s automated backup capabilities to protect the precious digital content stored on your PCs. Use your favorite backup software or EMC Retrospect Professional*, included with the Yellow Machine to backup six Windows or Macintosh PCs.
Retrospect Pro provides a comprehensive set of fast backup and Smart Restoresô functions for unparalleled accuracy. In addition to full image backup and file / folder backup, Retrospect Pro uses an intelligent job scheduler which eliminates network congestion. It is perfect for mobile users who may need to undock from the network. Users can disconnect as needed and Retrospect will resume backup when the laptop is reconnected. Intelligent network backup optimizes file backup times and detects exact duplicate files and backs them up once.
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