2GB+ Wireless? You Bet. But Think About the Future

There are several vendors who producing 802.11n WiFi hardware products (adapters and access points,etc) which can go 4 times the range and 12 times the throughput of 802.11g devices. 802.11g WiFi networks can go 20+Mbps. Running at these speeds your businesses wireless network can do some amazing things.
News Factor writes The faster transmission speeds and greater reach of 802.11n are achieved primarily through what is called MIMO technology. MIMO, which stands for “multiple input, multiple output,” uses multiple radios to transmit streams of data, maximizing network performance.
Keep in mind, however, that this standard “802.11n” has NOT been approved by the WiFi Alliance, which is the standards body for WiFi. Therefore if you buy a Linksys WiFi 802.11n card, it might not work with a Belkin one and might no work with future Linksys 802.11n cards.
News Factor writes Criticism or not, the major wireless companies continue to release pre-802.11n products. While those who purchase 802.11n products made by the same manufacturer face no real risks of incompatibility, current 802.11n products might not be compatible with future products that will adhere to the final version of the 802.11n spec.
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