Book Review: Steal This Computer Book 4.0: What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet

No Starch Press releases an updated edition to Steal This Computer. Although this book is not for the non-technical small business owner / manager, it could be VERY useful for the IT consultant serving the needs of small businesses and who needs a better understanding of security and the world of hackers. It’s also useful for the entrepreneur who wants to get her hands dirty and have a better understanding of hacking.
If you thought hacking was just about mischief-makers hunched over computers in the basement, think again. Wallace Wang steps back into the fray with “Steal This Computer Book 4.0: What They Won’t Tell You About the Internet” (No Starch Press, May 2006), wherein he explains that hacking can also mean questioning the status quo,
looking for your own truths and never accepting at face value anything authorities say or do. It’s captivating reading for all of us living in the digital age.
The completely revised fourth edition of this offbeat, non-technical book
examines what hackers do, how they do it, and how users can protect
themselves. Written in the same informative, irreverent, and entertaining
style that made the first three editions hugely successful, “Steal This
Computer Book 4.0″ will expand readers’ minds and raise their eyebrows.
Newly added chapters discuss the hacker mentality, social engineering and
lock picking, exploiting P2P file-sharing networks, and how people
manipulate search engines and pop-up ads to obtain and use personal
information. Wang also takes issue with the media for “hacking” the news
and presenting the public with self-serving stories of questionable
In addition to revealing the how’s and why’s behind hacker activities,
Wang provides tips for avoiding becoming a victim. The book’s companion CD
is literally filled with hundreds of megabytes of hacking and
security-related programs, like keyloggers, spyware stoppers, spam
filters, IP scanners, Trojan horse creators and more.
“The hacker world is a complicated and fascinating one. Since the last
edition of ‘Steal This Computer Book’ came out, we’ve seen the arrival of
spyware, malware, new viruses and Trojans, and so much more scary, funny
and outrageous stuff that just cried out for the distinctive Wally Wang
treatment,” said Bill Pollock, founder of No Starch Press. “We’ve added
back a CD too, which, for many wannabe hackers, is worth the price of the
book alone.”
Anyone who’s ever logged onto a website, conducted an online transaction,
sent or received email, used a networked computer or even watched the
evening news, may have already been tricked, tracked, or manipulated.
“Steal This Computer Book 4.0” will make readers smarter and safer in their
online activities, but it will also make them more curious and questioning
of the world offline too.
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