Cabinet NG links to 3rd Party Applications

Cabinet NG is a powerful and feature rich scanning solution that works perfectly with Intuit’s QuickBooks. Now, Cabinet NG has a solution that expands the connectivity to other software.
With CNG-LINKto, users can now effectively link document management with their various business applications where a vast amount of critical information is created and resides. The initial LINKto Series offerings available today support Sage’s ACT!, MS Outlook, and Client Marketing Systems’ Advisors Assistant. CNG-LINKto ACT! automatically synchronizes ACT! contact entries with Cabinet NG document folder indexes. CNG-LINKto Outlook automatically files emails into CNG-SAFE. CNG-LINKto Advisors Assistant augments a financial planner’s ability to mange client portfolios with necessary financial documents.
“The reality is that business information continues to be locked up within silos of various applications. We routinely find that our clients are running finance and accounting software, sales-management and customer-relations programs that do not talk to each other. To truly create effective and efficient firm-wide business processes, companies need to connect their processes with an information repository,” said Andrew Bailey, President of Cabinet NG. “CNG-LINKto enables our customers to easily bridge content within the CNG-SAFE document management repository with key operational applications to create a more responsive and efficient organization.”
“The paper problem is as critical to small and medium businesses as it is to large enterprises, ” said Kwon Chin, Research Manager at IDC. “Companies such as Cabinet NG whose offerings cater to the needs of SMB and the workgroup/departmental market can have a direct, positive impact on not only productivity in these organizations, but also contribute directly to enhancing the bottom line.”
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